Post One – If All Your Friends Are Doing It…

June 17th, 2018 Posted by OpenHustle Blog 15 thoughts on “Post One – If All Your Friends Are Doing It…”

Post One:  If All Your Friends Were Doing It…


We started to ponder some simple questions when thinking about side gigs in 2017 – who’s doing it, what are they doing, and why are they doing it?


It’s not new.  Baby Boomers called it ‘moonlighting’.  People working the 9 to 5 grind and heading home to grind some more.  Sometimes this meant head home, change, and head back out.  Sometimes this meant head home and work on a project they were building themselves as entrepreneurs in their garage or living room.  Today, because we are cooler, we have changed that boring title of ‘moonlighting’ to ‘Side Hustle’.  From dog walking, Uber + Lyft, to DJ’ing and photography, or freelance writers and web designers, people are hustling hard to bring in some extra cash – and for a variety of reasons.


Our aim to is to better understand the rebirth of side gigs as a part of our culture, but also to encourage others and highlight the process.  We are not selling you a get rich quick scheme.  We are not going to be telling you about the Top 100 ways to start a side hustle this weekend! Because it doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s stressful as hell; but it is popular, and so for many, the juice is worth the squeeze. 


Who are these people?


It has been reported by CNN Money that over 44 Million people have a “side hustle”, and the overwhelming majority of those people are between 18 and 36 years young.  Millennials. Yes, the same people associated with selfies, obsessive social media, and literallybeing too sensitive about everything.


So to dive a little deeper into the numbers, I’d suggest taking a look at this article from to get a sense of who is out there doing it, and what they’re doing.  The findings might just surprise you.  Overall, more women than men are working side hustles, and the range of jobs is broad and like a hotel in Cancun, virtually all-inclusive.


Why Though? 


Well, it’s a personal journey, isn’t it?  It’s not too complicated – from beer money, vacation budgets, to 401k’s and padding our savings account, people are looking to bring in more money than their main source provides.  A friend of mine is working out of his garage making cutting boards and he recently told me it was about putting money aside for his kids’ college.  A good family man, indeed.  He also told me it was a little about his own sanity, but we’ll get to that at a later date.


Although the motivation is not that complicated, the labor market has become more complicated over the years and money doesn’t go as far as we’d like. Wages have stagnated in the middle class over the last several decades in comparison to growth of the economy.  So, the trend has been to the more self-reliant…if the earning power isn’t going to come to us, then we are gonna go get it ourselves.


Over the course of our time together, we are going to highlight these entrepreneurs.  These bold souls that aren’t waiting, and are taking the leap to make ends meet and then some.  Follow along as we highlight side hustles across the country, and show you what it takes – warts and all – to have a legit side gig and even have a little fun along the way.




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15 thoughts on “Post One – If All Your Friends Are Doing It…”

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